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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday. I'm 1.5 weeks into tracking. It hasn't been horrible but I know I could do better. Just to give you a little reminder I am 5 months and 3 weeks postpartum. I had two babies 16.5 months apart. I am exclusively pumping so I don't

want to lose my supply yet. I did have a few

days where I got a little less milk but I think that

was due to missing a pump session because

this mom was tired and didn't want to wake up

at 5am to pump two days in a row.

Things I need to work on this next week. Pre-logging. I know it will make a big difference in my days and hitting my macros. Most of the time I do seem to eat the same things but this week has been a little crazy. I have been filming more workouts for my Youtube Channel with my friend. Check it out here. And having to little ones keep my busy. But I also know that I can't use this as an excuse if I want to have goals.

Now let's get into What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast- 2 slices of bread with avocado, 2 eggs and 4 turkey sausage. I have noticed that when I get in at least 30 grams of protein with breakfast I am less hunger throughout the day.

Calories 474, Fat 24.4, Carbs 35.5 Protein 30.8

Pre workout Snack- Cliff Kids bar. Today I film three workouts for my Youtube Channel so needed extra carbs before that.

Lunch- Buffalo Chicken Crunch wrap using Cutdacarb wraps with apples. I was still hunger after lunch so I ate 2 slices of bread. I know you're probably thinking you ate bread. Yup I sure did. I listen to my body and that is what I wanted. Plus I needed the calories.

Calories 510, Fat 9.2, Carbs 72.6, Protein 32.2

Snack- I made these snack boxes at the beginning of the week. They have grapes, blueberries, and cucumber in them, I have one for each day. I also had protein powder mixed with water with y snack box and cashews to add some fats.

Calories 368, Fat 13.8, Carbs 39.9, Protein 26.1

Dinner- I made pasta for dinner. I used Banza pasta, ground turkey and pasta sauce. Pretty simple dinner and it taste amazing. Banza pasta is high in fiber and protein.

Calories 420 Fat 13.5, Carbs 41, Protein 35

Snack 3- Finished the night with an Almond Coconut Built Bar (code MIRANDA10)

Total Calories 2092, Fat 72, Carbs 232, Protein 144, Fiber 34

Goals for this next week Pre-log, get more sleep, and try and not stress as much. Yes stress can prevent you from making progress.

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