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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

I love eating at Cafe Zupas. My favorite thing to get from Zupas is there Strawberry Harvest salad. The dressing can add a lot of fat to the meal but you can alway swap it out for a Bolthouse dressing depending on your goals at the time.

Mediterranean Protein without Dressing-large

Calories 270, Fat 12, Carbs 13, Protein 24

Steak Cobb without Dressing-large

Calories 390, Fat 26, Carbs 14, Protein 25

BBQ Chicken Salad without Dressing-large

Calories 310, Fat 10, Carbs 24, Protein 18

Mango Berry Salad with Dressing-large

Calories 120, Fat 2.5, Carbs 22, Protein 2

Nuts and Berries Salad without Dressing-large

Calories 120, Fat 3, Carbs 22, Protein 3

Strawberry Harvest Salad without Dressing-large

Calories 260, Fat 12, Carbs 19, Protein 18

You can always dd more chicken to any salad

double chicken Calories 90, Fat 3, Carbs 0, Protein 14

Chicken Noddle Soup-large

Calories 260, Fat 6, Carbs 33, Protein 19

Chickpea and Vegetable Soup-large

Calories 120, Fat 3.5, Carbs 18, Protein 4

When eating a Zupas you normally get a chocolate covered strawberry and roll with your meal. If it temping and you don't want the extra calories ask them not to add it to your meal.

Fresh Baguette Bread

Calories 130, Fat 0, Carbs 26, Protein 4

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

Calories 45, Fat 2, Carbs 7, Protein 1

Remember you can always look up any other macros here

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