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Here are my favorite macro friendly Wendy's options. I will be honest Wendy's wouldn't be my first place to go eat if I was eating in a calorie deficit as you don't have that many options. But sometimes we are in a bind and need something fast.

Classic Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

Calories 320, Fat 17, Carbs 25, Protein 18

Summer Strawberry Salad without dressing

Calories 340, Fat 18, Carbs 16, Protein 34

Dressing for Strawberry Chicken Salad

Calories 90, Fat 5, Carbs 11, Protein 0

Apple Pecan Salad without dressing

Calories 450, Fat 25, Carbs 28, Protein 32

Dressing for Apple Pecan Salad

Calories 90, Fat 3, Carbs 16, Protein 0

Parmesan Chicken Salad without dressing (The dressing that comes with this I personal wouldn't use since it is so high in fat)

Calories 290, Fat 13, Carbs 13, Protein 32

Jr Hamburger

Calories 250, Fat 11, Carbs 25, Protein 13

Small Chili

Calories 240, Fat 11, Carbs 22, Protein 16

Best Macro Friendly Wendys Options

macro friendly chick-fil-a options

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