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Updated: Jun 14, 2023

From the moment I seen the two pink lines on the pregnancy test I thought I was going into my pregnancy pretty well prepared. I was fairly active and ate healthy. But what I learned is you can eat the healthiest or work out 5 days a week but that doesn't mean you aren't going to get food aversions, nausea, fatigue, or constipation.

So 4 things I wish I knew at the beginning of my pregnancy

1- FATIGUE- Don't be afraid to rest. It took me a week before I really listened to my body and finally decided that I needed to take a nap or two a day.

2- NAUSEA- I went from feeling great to nauseous over night. I tried Preggie Pops and they took the edge off but I wish I would of called my OB sooner and got something for nausea because once I did I felt a lot better.

3- FOOD AVERSIONS- They come out of nowhere. I couldn't even open the fridge because it would make my nausea worse. Eating a healthy diet before it was hard to change the way I was eating but in the end I knew I need calories so I ate whatever sounded good at the moment. I still can't handle the smell of egg yolks and this local waffle place but other then that my food aversion went away at 12 weeks.

4- CONSTIPATION- Who knew getting pregnant would mess with you bowels so much. But due to the increase of progesterone it relaxes your muscle. Also iron supplements can cause increase of constipation too. So make sure you're drinking enough water and eating enough fiber daily.

DISCLAIMER: Always check with your doctor before starting any supplements. I'm just sharing my experience with pregnancy and this doesn't replace medical advice.


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