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Self Love
macro challenge

Ready, Set, Go!

April 8th - May 5th

@ food.rebel

@ Macro_Miranda

Hi there,


This is a collaboration with Macro Miranda and Food.Rebel.  We partnered up to bring you a limited time only Self Love Macro Challenge.


Our goal is to help you find motivation in improving your nutritional choices, while learning to love yourself.

We intentionally decided not to make this a contest.  We don't want you comparing your progress with others.  We were all given different bodies and genetics.  You can't expect to have the same results as someone else.

Let's celebrate YOUR OWN success!  However, get ready for some awesome giveaways throughout the entire challange!


Take time to love your body and it will love you back ...

This 4 week challange is all about YOU!  We will guide you along with education and coaching about self-love, nutrition, macro counting and accountability.

What else is included?

- Personalized Macro Count according to your height, weight, age, body type and goals (Because everybody is different)


- Self Love Macro Challenge PDF Guide 


- Meal Plan with Recipes (4 Breakfasts, 14 Entrees    & 10 Snacks)


- Food Shopping List


- Weekly Mini Challenges to Enter to Win Prizes

- You'll also have access to private Instagram group account for daily support 

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