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Updated: May 25

It's the new year and we all want to workout but we also want to look and feel good when we are working out. So today I'm sharing some of my favorite fitness must haves to start your fitness journey.

  1. Leggings- We all want a good pair of leggings that you can't see through or won't fall down when jumping. I am loving the Lululemon Wonder Trainers leggings. They're fit like a glove.

  2. Tops- My favorite top right not is the Lululemon racer back tank top.

  3. Shoes- I have horrible feet and found that my favorite shoes to workout in are the Adidas Women's Cloudfoam Running shoes. No I don't run I just love these shoes. I have them in 4 different colors.

  4. Socks- I love these Lululemon socks they fit your feet like a glove.

  5. Water Bottle- Do you even workout if you don't own a HydroFlask?

  6. Air Pods- Are you team music or podcast when working out? I love a good podcast.

  7. Apple Watch- I love to track my workouts even though I know that calories burned are not always accurate.

  8. Hair- Are you hair up or down? I have to pull mine up because I have so much and these coil hair ties work the best for me.

Hope this helps you start your 2022 fitness journey!! If you need a good workout head on over to my Youtube Channel EATMOVELIVEWITHUS.

*This post contains affiliate links, when clicked through to the site and a purchase is made I make a small commission at no cost to you! Thanks for the support!


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